En-Tech Associates, Inc. was established in 1991, and has been providing our experience and expertise to customers across a wide range of residential and commercial building performance services. These high quality services are backed by years of rigorous training and firsthand experience. Our customers gain a distinct advantage working with us because we look at the big picture and ensure we are provide a definitive best value solution for their unique project needs.

En-Tech leverages the following industry experience, certifications, and training to meet your project’s needs:

BPI Accredited ContractorBuilding Performance Institue (BPI) Accredited Contractor En-Tech Associates, Inc. is registered as a Building Performance Institute (BPI) Accredited Contractor. This certification assures customers that our work adheres to BPI’s high quality standards, and allows our customers to be eligible for a variety of incentive programs. Our accreditation includes the following Core BPI Certifications that apply to single family, multi-family, and commercial facilities:  

Building Analyst
BPI Building Analysts are compliant with nationally recognized energy auditor standards. A BPI Building Analyst is certified to conduct blower-door testing, combustion appliance inspection and repair, air quality testing including carbon monoxide detection, duct testing and airflow testing.
Building Envelope
The Building Envelope Accreditation is a residential specialization that focuses on ways to enhance the building envelope’s thermal and pressure boundaries through insulation and air sealing techniques. This accreditation demonstrates our ability to identify and correct the source of building envelope problems including moisture problems, ice dams, mildew and drafts.
The Heating Accreditation demonstrates proficiency in heating system science including heating load analysis, heating system sizing, ventilation system design, installation, and diagnostics.
The Multi-family Building Analyst accreditation is an extension of the energy auditing requirements applied to the unique nature of multi-family housing. Some key application areas include energy usage modeling and analysis, blueprint evaluation for energy efficiency improvements, energy management control systems, and lighting systems.



NHERSA Certified RaterNortheast Home Energy Rating System Alliance (NHERSA) Certified Rater En-Tech Associates, Inc. is a Northeast Home Energy Rating System Alliance (NHERSA) Certified Rater for both residential and multi-family properties. This designation with EPA Energy Efficient Building Designs, Energy Modeling, Testing and Verification.