Company Overview

Who we are:

En-Tech Associates, Inc. was established in 1991 and has evolved over the years and began providing customers with solutions to newly emerging residential, multifamily, and commercial building performance problems starting in 2001. En-Tech has well over 20 years of experience in the industry and has nearly 15 years of training and experience in the building performance field offering a wide range of services including testing, design, implementation, verification, and consulting. These capabilities equate to saving our customers money through improving energy efficiency, reducing maintenance expenses, and linking customers to a variety of incentive programs that help make your building upgrades pay for themselves.

En-Tech is affiliated with many NYSERDA Energy Program offerings for residential, multifamily, and commercial facilities and holds a number of certifications to help customers attach to low interest loans, incentives and grants.

What is Building Performance?

Building performance involves evaluating homes and buildings as a whole, and identifying best value solutions for improving comfort, air quality and energy efficiency to provide customers with a measurable payback on their investment through reduced energy and maintenance costs. In fact, energy improvements represent the only capital investment that pays for itself and appreciates as the cost of energy rises.

What we do:

We look at the big picture and provide you with a portfolio of action steps to choose from to meet your project goals and budget taking advantage the incentive programs your project is entitled to receive. Furthermore, we allow you to choose whether you would like En-Tech to complete these action steps for you as a turn-key solution, or have the job implemented by your own engineers, architects, and construction firms. Either way, we achieve our goal of ensuring the improvements you make are putting money back in your pocket.

How is En-Tech different?

Even seemingly simple buildings are complex systems that include the interactions of a variety of components including:

-          HVAC System – Furnace, Air Conditioning, Ventilation System

-          Building Envelope – Windows, doors, insulation, air sealing

-          Structural – Basement dewatering, roofing

-          Electrical – Lighting, peak power loading

-          External Environment – Solar loading, weather considerations

A furnace or insulation business will provide you with their services without knowing if it is the best value improvement for your specific situation. En-Tech’s expertise spans all of these components. En-Tech will review how your building is performing (or is being designed to perform) and provide you with a set of action steps to deliver you the best value improvements across the full spectrum of building performance services.

How can En-Tech support your project?

Contact us to find out how we can support your project and determine which low interest funding, incentives, and grants are available for your project. We will promptly follow up with you, and look forward to learning more about your project.

Review our Residential and Commercial Services and recent projects to see how we’ve helped other customers.