Codes and Standards

En-Tech Associates, Inc. is familiar with the latest building codes and standards to ensure your projects are in compliance with critical environmental, safety, and building efficiency standards. En-Tech can keep your project on track by helping you navigate these complex requirements at key design and implementation project phases. The expertise En-Tech provides in this area ensures successful completion and closeout of your project by validating these standards are being met. Using our services can also expedite the commissioning process to reduce delays in incentive program disbursements.

Energy Standards Compliance

IECC 2009 / IECC 2010 / IECC 2012 / IECC 2015

The International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) highlights various aspects of energy efficiency applied to residential and commercial buildings. The latest IECC 2012 standard includes measures to improve the thermal envelope, additional standards for HVAC systems and electrical systems of residential buildings. For commercial facilities the standard addresses energy savings for windows, doors and skylights, and increased efficiencies for installed HVAC equipment. En-Tech Associates, Inc. is familiar with the standards outlined in IECC 2009, IECC 2010, and IECC 2012 and can help you navigate these standards to ensure your project is compliant, and your building is operating efficiently. En-Tech will also be keeping tabs on the roll-out of the IECC 2015 standard to help our customers better position themselves for any changes that may impact or benefit their projects.

Ventilation Standards Compliance

ASHRAE 62.2.2010 / ASHRAE 62.2.2012

ASHRAE (Formerly the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers) is a building technology society whose members focus on building systems, energy efficiency, indoor air quality, refrigeration and sustainability within the industry.
One of the standards this society maintains is Standard 62.2. This standard describes guidelines for Ventilation and Acceptable Indoor Air Quality in Low-Rise Residential Buildings. Items such as fresh-air-air-exchange and exhaust of point sources of contaminated air are key aspects of this standard we take into consideration to ensure your project is meeting guidelines, and more importantly extending the life of your building.

EPA and DOE Building Performance Standards Compliance

EPA Version 3.0 / DOE Challenge / Net Zero

En-Tech Associates, Inc. has commissioned a number of projects that have achieved compliance with a variety of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Department of Energy (DOE) building performance standards. En-Tech is familiar with the EPA version 3.0, DOE challenge, and Net Zero programs that seek to enhance the levels of building performance achievement applied to Residential, Multifamily and Commercial properties. A growing number of building owners understand the reduced maintenance and operating costs associated with compliance for these programs and are electing to earn these advanced designations. The benefits include improved Comfort, Air Quality, Energy Efficiency, and Reduced Maintenance Costs. To make this decision even easier for building owners, these programs offer financial incentives including low interest loans and a variety of grants.

Standards Development

En-Tech Associates, Inc. takes our expertise and experience in the building performance field even further and participates on the committees developing standards in the interest of advancing the industry. We have most recently participated on the following committees:

  • 2010, Committee to develop ASHRE Standards for HVAC Design & Verification with John Krigger.
  • 2010, Insulation Methods and Standards for Durability, Energy Code and Energy Star Compliance with Courtney Moriarta.